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Condo Management

Condo Management

  • Conduct routine site inspections of the community for the purpose of identifying NJAC/rule violations and checking on the performance of Association vendors. Inspections are generally focused on seasonal demands like pool, landscape, drainage, and always include NJAC compliance requirements and routine follow up of vendor activity and performance.
  • NJAC/Rule enforcement-Provide assistance to Board to enforce all rules and regulations, NJAC’s, etc. Violation report included in each Board package for Board review.
  • Bids and Routine Maintenance
  • Prepare bid specifications for larger jobs and oversee bid process
  • Coordinate entire process of handling small maintenance issues in the community
  • Maintenance calls come to our office. Work orders are issued to the proper vendor depending upon the nature of the work.
  • Major repairs are inspected by management prior to issuing a work order
  • Manage and oversee all vendors associated with your community
  • Review workmanship/performance of Association vendors/contractors and assure compliance is being achieved per the specifications in their contract
  • Coordinate preparation and execution of final contract documentation, including the verification of proper insurance, updated license status, lien releases, etc.
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