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HOA Management Services

HOA Management Services

  • Prepare and distribute all paperwork associated with the annual meeting (agenda, proxy, ballot, minutes, return envelopes)
  • Manage all returned proxies and keep Board informed of whether or not quorum has been achieved
  • Attend meetings and provide administrative support (check people in, hand out ballots, count ballots if vote takes place, etc.)
  • Run Annual Meeting if desired by Board
  • Prepare, process, follow up on, and maintain records of all work orders for the Association. In addition, work order reports are provided as part of each Board package to provide the Board with an overview of all work orders issued since the last Board meeting.
  • Prepare and maintain copies of all correspondence on behalf of the Association in an organized fashion.
  • Purge files annually, label appropriately for future reference if needed, and send to storage.
  • Provide storage facility for archived Association records.
  • Process incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Respond to all e-mail correspondence in a timely fashion
  • Prepare and/or distribute newsletters per contract.
  • Maintain homeowner information database and keep current on daily basis.
  • Provide organized filing system to maintain and reference as needed
  • Create and mail violation letters, architectural requests responses, and other correspondence to homeowners as needed.
  • Serve as primary contact and liaison for Board with but not limited to:
    • Homeowners
    • Association vendors
    • Legal counsel
    • Insurance brokers/agents
    • All parties involved in home sales (lenders, assessors, title companies, h/o's, realtors)
    • CPA's
  • Provide for 24/7 after hours answering and emergency services.
  • Maintain corporate documents.
  • All electronic Association records are backed up daily on a tape system.
  • Change of Ownership/Escrow Services
  • Provide all required documentation per Civil Code to new homeowners during sale of home.
  • Provide all rules/policy information to new homeowners as well.
  • Provide a full time person in our office to interact with all parties involved in a real estate transaction.
  • Provide a team of customer Service Professionals to handle all incoming calls from homeowners, vendors, parties to a real estate transaction, vendors, board members etc., including a dedicated person to your community that is familiar with the community, rules and policies, and practices as established by the Board.
  • Provide for the creation and maintenance of an Association web site if desired by the Board.
  • Assist Board with NJAC(New Jersey Administrative Code)/Governing document interpretation, compliance with New Jersey laws, and guidance for the Board drawing from our experience on all other issues associated with managing the Association.
  • Manage and assure all required Association insurance is in affect and renewed annually. We also serve as the primary contact for any claims made.
  • Serve as primary contact for any legal issues in community.
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